Anthology Reviews

A Christmas to Remember
~Ameliah Faith 2014©~

Merry Christmas to me!

From the same amazing women who gave us “Sweat” comes a collection of holiday cheer. This book encompass five stories by five phenomenal writers. As a rule I don’t like Christmas but these Ladies may make me re-think my views. What a lovely present for anyone who loves good lesbian tales.

My favorite erotic writer, Erzabet Bishop, takes us on an holiday cruise in Mermaids and Mistletoe. A hot, fun and oh so sexy romp with a Masquerade Ball

In Outback Christmas Cheyenne Blue shows us two girls who are definitely on the nice list…or maybe naughty. Either way I win!

For the Brits Lucy Felthouse gives us a Boxing Day gift in the form of Bedding Down. Nothing says YUM like an after Christmas sale.

For a change of pace Midnight Clear by Laila Blake sends us a story of long time friends discovering a secret. This one is an emotional read, just beautiful.

And finally to get us back in the holiday spirit is the incredible Harper Bliss presenting Dress Code, a tale of office hanky panky. Santa, I have been ever so good this year, May I please have an Emma of my own?

I truly hope to see more books written by these ever so naughty, but oh so nice Women!!

When the Clock Strikes Thirteen
~Ameliah Faith 2013 ©~

A 2014 GCLS Award Finalist
Sweet and Spooky
This is a collection of seven individual stories written by seven very talented women. All of them are wonderful romances with an other worldly twist. I was captivated and moved by the words these remarkable women wove. I will be searching for more from all of them! Well done!


Spread the Love Review
~Ameliah Faith 2014 ©~

Lots to love

I really enjoyed this book. For the most part it is a collection of feel good, sweet and romantic stories. They are short enough for a quick read but not so short that they lacked in quality or story line.

I say mostly because one story isn’t so happy or sweet or an easy, quick little romance. Erzabet Bishop chose to write a story of pain, patience and acceptance. I won’t give away any more than that. I wonder why such a story was included in this book because it is so different. It truly IS a good story and I am very glad I had the chance to read it.

My hat is off to all the authors. Well done!


Sweat Review
~Ameliah Faith 2014 ©~

Love in a Locker Room

Let me start by saying I am in no way, shape or form a jock. I do not date them, I do not read about them I do not know any. They are just not my thing…Until now.

I am a huge Erzabet Bishop fan (like that’s been a secret, please). So I knew I had to read this one too. Um, WOW! Yeah Miss Fluffy said WOW to a jock book. Go figure!

I didn’t really feel anything on the first page of Cheyenne Blue’s Marathon Woman. I read it because it was on the way to Ms. Bishop’s story. Ms. Blue, I owe you an apology!! This story is so beautiful, gentle and tender, real. Amazing, truly. (and who knew a few months later I would fall for a runner…DID NOT see that coming!)

Making an Impression by Lucy Felthouse was light hearted and fun. I think we all know of a Joley and even the hardest of us loved one once. What a happy and very enjoyable read.

On An Ocean of Skin by Laila Blake was the biggest surprise for me. This tale was not about a jock at all. I could totally connect with Olivia. Thank you!

Harper Bliss…Well it’s Harper, so you know its good and she always leaves me in breathless. Match Point was a great first time story that made me almost want to play tennis…ALMOST.

This brings me back to Erzabet Bishop and her Derby Girls. I have already confessed to being her biggest fan but I have reason to be. I love her descriptive style and the way she can draw me into her stories as easily as I draw a breath. Who knew roller derby could be so fun? Yummy.

So, I guess for a book about jocks that I’m not into (right?) this book was a home run! (come on, you knew it had to be done :D) Thank you Ladies!


Bossy Review
~Ameliah Faith ©~

The Fantastic Five strike again and this time are hotter than ever!! This is the third anthology I’ve found with all five of these incredibly talented, too hot for words, erotic and thrilling women. They just keep getting better and better!

We start with Laila Blake and Bird of the Summer. A sultry tale of a naughty submissive teacher and n even naughtier controlling student. Why couldn’t I have had a teacher like that…

Harper Bliss gives us a glimpse being closed Hollywood doors when a reporter “interviews” a closeted actress in Off the Record.

In Roadside Assistance by Lucy Felthouse we see that engine problems can leave you overheated, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Erzabet, oh Erzabet…How you do love to torment me! (but I will NEVER complain!) As You Wish is a lovely, wicked tale of a maid and her oh so strict Domme employer. The rain soaked rug is not the only thing that is wet…

And finally last but far from least is Cheyenne Blue. This one was a complete surprise. I did not expect such emotions in this book. I very much liked it. My Name is Bond is a tender, supportive love story that lacked nothing in heated passion. I will be seeking more from Ms. Blue.

Be sure to check out A Christmas to Remember and Sweat for more of these Lustful Ladies.

As usual this is a job very well done, thank you to all the authors! Hopefully we will see more books featuring all of you VERY soon!